a message in a bottle

This bottle uses wickerwork, a traditional handcraft, to protect and insulate the glass. The materials used: willow, hazel, corn leaves and straw, are all completely natural.


Willow is a fast growing tree from the poplar family, and is truly a sustainable and renewable resource. These trees help the environment by taking carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the stems, which we in turn use in wickerwork.

corn leaves

Corn leaves used come from non-genetically modified maize plants. The leaves these plants produce have a longer shape, and for this reason are the only ones suitable for wickerwork.


Hazel (Corylus) is a common tree in the Northern Hemisphere, and much loved for its fruits - hazelnuts at the end of the summer. The tree also provides a traditional wicker material.


Rye is grown for its highly nutritious grain, and the straw stem is a by-product. For use in wicker, crop must be cut by hand to provide the perfect quality and shape.

a message in a bottle

A Message in a Bottle is a response to the environmental crisis of plastic waste that is increasingly polluting our planet.